Twig Trees

Twig Tree c. 1985
What's your favourite kind of Christmas Tree? Mine is the twig tree.

A word about twig trees. You see I started the whole twig tree tradition way back c. 1982 when I couldn't afford to buy a real Christmas tree. My boyfriend (of the time) and I were walking home on a cold, blustery day. It was freezing and we were crossing the river on an exposed overpass. Sitting right there in the middle of the road was a rather large naked tree limb. Had no idea how it got there but it was obviously a hazard so we went to move it. And while doing just that I had an idea, "let's use it as our Christmas tree!" So we lugged it back to the house where, after a lot of chopping, hacking and swearing we finally managed to fit it through the door. I can't remember what we used to prop it up with. A box with a hole cut into it, I think? And then we wired it up to the wall and ceiling. Then I made a bunch of decorations out of whatever I could find at hand and viola! The twig tree tradition was born.

Twig Tree c. 1990
I don't have a picture of that first twig tree but the one above is probably the first snap I ever took of one. The one on the left here is c. 1990. Most years I make pretty much everything on the tree. This particular year featured tin can lid spirals -- including that thing hanging from the ceiling that's meant to be a star. They were rather sharp and a wee bit hazardous but they did reflect the tree lights nicely :)

I used to ONLY do twig trees but the idea put off more than a few roommates over the years.

And my husband? Well, eventually we agreed to compromise between his live pine tree tradition and my dead twig trees. And 2003 (we were still in Newfoundland) was a twig tree year. For the first time he came with me for the retrieval process. Using my first digital camera we documented the event with a series of grainy avi's.  Much later I used animoto to edit the clips together. It makes for some funny viewing--at least I think so.  The relationship dynamic caught in them clearly illustrates how my husband's humour deflects my somewhat uptight earnestness.

Did I give up on the twig tree? Well, not exactly. Admittedly I'm older and have less energy for these things. The last twig tree I put up was a doozy tho. First year back in the villas in Doha I wanted to try and avoid getting a fake tree (which happened anyway). So I used a lot of the cuttings from the overgrown bouganvillea in our back yard to create this! Click here for the entire story.

What happens this year in our new home? Well, there are a few conifers growing a little too close to our back fence so one of them will be 'pruned' and used as our tree this year. And as there are three of them, well, that covers us up to 2020. 

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