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Tidings of Joy! 2001
So, a number of years ago I started fooling around with digital photos for Xmas (like many of you out there). And so I thought I'd do a little retrospective of what I've created over the years.

Here is the first one I created back in 2001. I used a shot of an angel I took at a local cemetery and stuck my face on it. Not particularly original or anything but it was heartfelt.

Merry Christmas! 2003
My next attempt at a digital Xmas greeting was 2003.  This one was inspired by an old print I initially came across years ago. It was being used on the large seasonal plastic bags of a bargain store in Winnipeg. I came home, emptied the bag and pinned it to the front of my apartment door that year.

The print is from a wood cut by Thomas Nast that first appeared in Harper`s Weekly newspaper on January 1, 1881.

I love it because I interpret Santa`s rosy cheeks and twinkle coming from several cups of egg nog ...heavy on the rum. And whatever else might be smoking away in that pipe of his, ha!

And then our second and probably most successful digital card. This one is based on the original illustration by Jessie Willcox Smith for Dickens Children.

God Bless Us Every One ! 2004
Canada's Christmas! 2005

Because 2005 was our first Christmas season in Qatar I decided to go with a Canadian theme.

Detail of 'elves'
The original image is from a publication I found through an online archive.  Toronto's William Bryce was the publisher and the cost of this 1888 publication was a hefty 30 cents!

My husband was very patient with my requests for various facial expressions. I wanted all those accompanying elves (or whatever they are) to be different.

Let Nothing you Dismay! 2007
We were travelling during Christmas 2006. I am not sure what I did for cards that year. I think I sent actual real paper cards through the post (how old school!).

I have found reference to a digital card I was working on featuring myself and husband as M&Ms (the candy), but, alas, it has been lost...if indeed it ever existed. I have my doubts.

Just your luck though, I do have a copy of the card for 2007. The original is from a book of vintage Christmas images I have.

Inspired by thoughts of misrule!

In 2008 we spent the holiday in Qatar where I was inspired by the gift of a snow globe featuring two camels. I took a LOT of photos of this globe trying to achieve the perfect combination of clarity, falling snow crystals, and light....Oi!

Christmas Miracle! 2008
Then in 2009 I finally bit the bullet and did the Three Kings / Wise Men theme. The image I finally decided on (lifted from a movie, I think) was perfect for a number of reasons. Not the least of which was using the head scarf to hide some of the swelling and bruising on the right side of my face where I'd had an infected molar removed not long before. Notice also our offerings. Hubby is offering a moose representing his home of Newfoundland. I offer maple syrup from my birthplace in Quebec. And Wow offers her most favourite!

Three Kings! 2009
And finally....(drum roll) the last one. TAA DA!

In case you're unsure of the cultural reference or who's who here is the link to the original photo and a hint....the cat is Harry Potter.

Magical Yule! 2010
Also, a message from Wow. Ms Wow is the cat we came to know while in Qatar. We became such good friends we brought her back to the wet North Atlantic with us. And then back to Qatar, her birthplace. She would like me to clarify that she is indeed a Ms Wow and not a Mr as we referred to her in the Christmas Video of 2009. We would like to take this opporutnity to formally and publicly apologize to Ms Wow for the confusion.

Of course, depicting her as one of the wise men above and as Harry Potter here does not help clarify things, does it? But she's a cat with no opposable thumbs and so is at the mercy of my capriciousness nature.

2011 found us back in Canada and so I sent real cards (see related post here). Then last year I wasn't well and THIS year, well, to be perfectly honest I've kind of lost interest :(

But you never know...

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