Food Banks

The Lord of Misrule
Source: Bridgeman Art Library
Yes, I know, if you look at the URL of this blog it can be read as "Christmas craps"...that was intentional. Not because I'm anti-Christmas, but because I understand that along with all the genuine beauty, peace and magic of this holiday comes a lot of crap.

The crap associated with too many social obligations, too much food, too much booze, too much snow, the emotional baggage associated with Christmas' past, and then there's just waaay too much emphasis on material goods. All those boxes of decorations and lights, not to mention the number of presents given and received (some of which are, come on, admit it, crap) . But hey, lots of societies have festivals where stockpiled goods are given away...or destroyed.

Anyway, I'm not here to diss anyone's methods of celebrating. But when you're rushing around trying to get that last minute stocking stuffer, bottle of booze, or relative from the airport, remember it's up to you whether you finally lose your cool or just let go and give in to the madness of this holiday season.

Also, be mindful that there are many people out there trying to celebrate without family and without much money or resources. So, be generous.

Donate to a food bank here in Canada (or US or UK), send a hamper anonymously to someone who needs it, volunteer somewhere, and don't ignore the old lady in the book store asking your opinion about something because you might be the only person she's talked to all day.

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