15 December 2016

Snow Day

So, we had a snow day the other day. And a half-day today! And two more storm systems expected this weekend. Yep, winter has hit hard! We had about 20-25 cms of snow during most of Monday. Luckily things had fallen into place nicely re: having Christmasy things to do on a snow day.

Incredibly thankful that the day before we'd got the new snow tires installed (thanks Firestone). I didn't know a storm was coming so was also grateful to the cabbie, who took me up to get the car, for mentioning it. I'd not been listening to the news that morning as I was busy Christmas cleaning!

After taking our summer tires to the storage unit and picking up some last items (like a tree skirt) I was on my way to drop off the last of my Christmas cards. The nearest postal outlet to us is in a drugstore at Churchill Square. And there, in a corner spot of the parking lot, you can buy Xmas trees.

Having picked up the tarp, hatchet, and tree stand while at the
Hey, lady!
I put a hook thing on the floor for you!
storage unit I was all prepared. So after a quick consultation with one of the tree sellers as to available sizes, a run to the bank machine, and the setting out of the tarp in the hatchback, I got us a tree!

After an evening of thawing in the porch (recommended by the Xmas tree guy) we used the hatchet to whittle the end down to fit into my hubby's tree stand (cast iron and made by his Grandfather). And that's how it was all ready on Monday's snow day for our attention. A suitable libation in hand, cat assistant at the ready, and holiday tunes playing in the background we set to work!

Ta da!

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