09 December 2016

Rug Hooking Ornaments

This weekend is the tea and sale at Anna Templeton, a local arts and crafts centre.

Remember when I wrote about taking a Christmas ornament class at Anna Templeton Centre? Well, it was great! Catherine, the instructor, was really good and even though I have done some rug hooking before, I learnt some valuable tips.

First off she reassured me that I should not to be afraid to give the work room to breathe. I often try to pack in as many stitches as I can in the burlap but doing that can make it bunchy and it's not necessary. She also taught us how to finish a piece. A very valuable tip is to use diluted white glue around the edges so that after you've cut it out and are ready to fold it over the burlap trim doesn't start to unravel!

So, here are some shots in process and completed, of the bird (suppposed to be a cardinal) I did.

Front (in process)

Back (in process) 

Front (completed)

Back (completed) 

Unfinished moonlit landscape - still have to fold over
and sew down edges and do a felt backing

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