08 December 2016

Christmas Parade, yay!

So last Sunday the previously postponed Downtown Christmas Parade went ahead. I wasn't sure I was going to go but a friend texted me and set up a spot to meet. So, suitably clothed, off I went. And man, am I glad I did cause what great fun! Her kids came and a few other friends joined us and we all watched from the sidelines hollering and shouting. We were in front of Fred's Records where they were serving free hot chocolate...score! It was chilly but we had sunshine and some flurries. Of course, it really started snowing once Santa showed up 😉

Here are some highlights...

Lots of dancers, marching bands, dogs, a few floats, quite a few costumed characters of various sorts, but I gotta say, other than the mummering hobby horse, the Maple Leaf bologna seemed particularly local...hee hee!

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