16 November 2016

Some local gift suggestions and holiday fun...

Beeswax candle from Paradise Farms Inc
My husband insists that there be no Christmas until December 12th. But I have a tradition that means decorating starts December 1. Ok, so we've agreed on no Christmas tunes (that he can hear) until the 12th. And maybe minimal decorating till then.

In the meantime I have started my own Christmas craziness. First was the Craft Council of NL Craft Fair. Nice! Got a few things as stocking stuffers and a very nice Xmas bees wax candle. Some of the amazing vendors there included...

Erin Callahan St. John
The Purple Raven Boutique
Graham Blair Woodcuts
Devin Hookey (Blacksmith Apprentice)
Quidi Vidi Hand Wrought Pewter
Acho Dene Native Crafts

Then last night I started a two night Rug Hooking class (we're doing  christmas ornaments) at Anna Templeton. And this week I signed up to volunteer with the Mummers Festival. And on the weekend I plan on going to the Commissariat House Christmas event!

Other local upcoming holiday fun:
Anna Templeton Christmas Tea & Sale

Let the season commence!

Cause God knows we need something to cheer about these days.

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