28 November 2016

For the love of clay...

I bought my first piece from Blue Moon pottery (a fridge magnet, I think) years ago!

  Our Hearts and Hands - Blue Moon Pottery from Jim MacDonald on Vimeo.

Erin has become quite the potter in her own right! I saw her down at The Plantation's Open House this past weekend. I bought one of these shotglass, all featuring quintessential Newfoundland expressions, for...someone.


27 November 2016

Candlelight Christmas...

...at Commissariat House was a hoot! I think they had way more people show up for the guided tours than they were expecting. Even tho I got there about a half hour after the start time I had to wait over an hour for my group tour. But in the meantime there were carols to be sung, stick bundles to be made, mummers running round and acting the fool, a British soldier occasionally firing off his musket, and a fire pit to try and huddle round (the crowd around that was sometimes three people deep). Oh yeah, and there were large urns of hot chocolate and apple cider that disappeared as soon as they appeared. Every time I finally got access to one it was empty. Sign of a very successful event, I'm sure!

Once your tour group is called (by a tireless young woman wandering round ringing a bell) you gather at the back door. The door opens and you are all quickly ushered into the kitchen by a maid who wants to show you, her friends, how pretty the house looks all done up for Christmas. You're introduced to various historical characters in several beautifully decorated Georgian rooms and given a short performance. Each performance gives you a sense of what was happening in and around Commissariat House and St. John's during the season. Although truth be told I was too busy looking around the rooms to follow the narratives very closely!

The Dining Room

"The Commissariat was built between 1818-1820 as the home and offices of the Assistant Commissary General - the supply officer for British forces in Newfoundland...a volatile period in 19th-century St. John's: British naval rule is ending and a power struggle is at hand..."

The final room features a button accordion player who you sing a few carols with before you're ushered out the door and into the night. Only to be met again by those rascally mummers!

24 November 2016

Christmas Craziness Begins

Years ago my hubby and I started buying 1 or 2 every Xmas.
Here's our chance to add a few more to our small collection!
This weekend is a blur of Christmas activity! As well as the Candlelight Christmas at Commissariat House and the Open House at the Plantation the other two events I'm looking forward to are the city's Christmas parade (Sunday) and the Ten Thousand Villages festival which starts today!

For those of you not in the know "Ten Thousand Villages is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), a coalition of handicraft and agricultural producer organizations, and Fair Trade organizations from both the North and the South."

Yep. Back in the day, before big box stores and online shopping, the Ten Thousand Villages local shop was a hive of activity this time of year. Regardless of your budget you were always sure to find something fun, funky, and fair trade. But times changed and the little store downtown could not compete and they closed :(

But they come back around this time of year to set up shop somewhere. This year they are at The Lantern. Which is only three blocks away!

For those of you who can't make it check out this link for 7 Days of Deals from Ten Thousand Villages.ca.

And check out this link for The Overcast's list of other upcoming events in the city and environs.

20 November 2016

Snow Woman

If I have hope for the future it lies, in part, within indigenous communities in Canada and the United States.
'Bernard Iquugaqtuq making snow woman for his daughter' ~ (Inuk) ~ Naujaat NU 1951

'Theresie Iquugaqtuq with snow woman' ~ (Inuk) ~ Naujaat NU 1951

Check out the Twitter feed of Paul Seesequasis for more amazing images

16 November 2016

Some local gift suggestions and holiday fun...

Beeswax candle from Paradise Farms Inc
My husband insists that there be no Christmas until December 12th. But I have a tradition that means decorating starts December 1. Ok, so we've agreed on no Christmas tunes (that he can hear) until the 12th. And maybe minimal decorating till then.

In the meantime I have started my own Christmas craziness. First was the Craft Council of NL Craft Fair. Nice! Got a few things as stocking stuffers and a very nice Xmas bees wax candle. Some of the amazing vendors there included...

Erin Callahan St. John
The Purple Raven Boutique
Graham Blair Woodcuts
Devin Hookey (Blacksmith Apprentice)
Quidi Vidi Hand Wrought Pewter
Acho Dene Native Crafts

Then last night I started a two night Rug Hooking class (we're doing  christmas ornaments) at Anna Templeton. And this week I signed up to volunteer with the Mummers Festival. And on the weekend I plan on going to the Commissariat House Christmas event!

Other local upcoming holiday fun:
Anna Templeton Christmas Tea & Sale

Let the season commence!

Cause God knows we need something to cheer about these days.

10 November 2016


I know I've already done a post today but I think we need some extra cheering up, don't you? Besides this is trending...

Some Christmas Spirit

Given the recent outcome of the American election, well, I think we all need an infusion of Christmas spirit...

09 November 2016

Christmas Fair

Here's something you might like to know. The Newfoundland Craft Council is having their Christmas Craft Fair starting today. It runs from November 9 to 13.

November 9 - 13, 2016
Jack Byrne Arena, just 2 km past Stavanger Drive on Torbay Road
The Craft Council is pleased to invite you to the 2016 Christmas Craft Fair! This high-profile, juried craft event will feature professional craft makers and designers from all over the province.  Special features of the event include exhibitions and demonstrations. 

If you value the unique and enduring, then you are a Citizen of Craft!  This is the Craft Fair for you!                                                                 

$5. Children under 12 free when accompanied by an adult

Check the website for hours and other info!