23 December 2015

Remake Christmas - Copenhagen 2015

Awesome! Recycled Xmas crafting shack / station
Inside this totally recycled Christmas house were ongoing workshops on how to reuse, remake Christmas ornaments and other holiday crafts.

I was tempted to go up to the sleeping loft for a closer look at the jar/lamp. Click for more info about Remake Christmas and creator, Thomas Dambo. Click here for others' pics!
Workshops in progress
Sleeping loft
Looking back at the sleeping loft from outside

Had such a great time in Copenhagen! Check out Ten ways to have a Danish Christmas.

I highly recommend trying to make your own Gløgg or, as some call it, Glühwein! It's mulled wine but with an added kick (like rum or schnapps). I loved it in any form! My friend had a white wine version that she really enjoyed!

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