30 November 2015

Door jinglers....

Door jinglers
So I don't remember where I came across this idea but it was online somewhere. And it came in handy during my recent flu bout. Hours on the couch with these to keep my hands busy.

Let me reassure you that subsequent to their completion they have all been soaked for several hours in a mixture of laundry soap and antiseptic.

27 November 2015

Poor Mog!

Sainsbury in the UK always seems to do a holiday ad. This is their current Christmas spot...

26 November 2015

25 November 2015

13 November 2015

Wonderful Copenhagen!

After years of wishing it looks like I will finally be getting to a European city with a Christmas market! So exicited!

12 November 2015

Wool felt garland

I bought a one pound bag of dyed sheep's wool for felting when I was in Calgary during the summer. I'm not very experienced with felting and so far my experiments have...not worked out well. Don't think I'm using enough soap.

Here's the project I hope to do:

Source with instructions

08 November 2015

Looking for seasonal work?

Exceptionally gifted cord untanglers should check out the job posting, which is accepting applications until November 19. Job description details for Tesco's designated "Christmas Light Untangler" are provided on the careers page of the British grocery chain. Located in Wrexham, England, the part-time position offers a "competitive salary" and a 36-hour week.

Responsibilities include manning and managing the Christmas Lights Untangling stand as well as being knowledgable about the service being offered. The ideal candidate should be able to untangle 3 meters of Christmas lights in under three minutes. They should also be passionate about Christmas. - 
from A UK Supermarket Is Hiring a Christmas Light Untangler on Atlas Obscura

Yes, I too  have wrestled with the snake-y beasts but never, no, never, would I throw out a set of functioning lights just because I can't get them untangled!

Of course, the longest string I've ever had to deal with was 100 twinkle lights. I suppose if I had several strings of 100 all tangled together, well....nah, that'll never happen! 

06 November 2015

Seasonal cards

Ok, this is totally what I'm going to order myself for next year. And yes, this could be proof that the other holiday still holds sway over my imagination at the moment, but, that's me!

Check 'em out or order them here
Once I'm back in Canada and can send cards through the post again...using envelopes, and ink, and stamps, and the mail box down the street... if there's still one there that is.

Anyway, this is what I'm going to order for sure! (Gee! Gosh!)

04 November 2015

Crafting Christmas

So, that other holiday went well this year but must admit the spirit was a little lacking. Maybe because the Christmas spirit kept trying to resurrect itself early! I managed to hold off any Christmas crafting / sewing thoughts till this week.

But now that I can indulge I'm finding the time hard to come by! That does not keep me from looking however and the web is full of inspiration. Here's a blog I love to visit: 

Notforgotten Farm