01 October 2015

Contemplating winter weather

So, all last winter I had emails from friends and family back on the Canadian east coast giving me the lowdown on the winter weather. Particularly the late winter weather of the mad month of March in which there was one blizzard after another. This has got me thinking about our return to Canada with a certain sense of...I'm not sure exactly. 

Now I was back in Canada for 18 months just four years ago so it's not like I haven't had any recent winter weather experiences. And I've certainly got most of the outdoor gear I need to handle the freeze / thaw of Newfoundland. But it was while going through some old holiday photos and looking at how I'm dressed INSIDE the house that got me feeling...well, maybe dread is too strong a word. 

c. 2000 - Notice the twig tree
Certainly I've lived in some cold Canadian cities but there's something quite different about winter when you're living next to the frigid North Atlantic. The damp gets in your bones and no amount of clothing can protect you fully--even while inside. As you can see to the left I'm looking quite cozy but this is what I'm wearing--long johns, wool socks, thick cotton turtle neck, a fleece, all topped with a pair of very thick corduroy overalls (beautifully hand made by a friend).
Admittedly, we were living in a rather old and poorly insulated house at the time. Still...

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