14 January 2015

Chilly Weather

It has gotten quite chilly here in the Gulf over the last week. It started with a couple of days of overcast skies, high winds, and lots and lots of dust. This dip in temps will continue for the next two weeks. As you can see from the forecast below the evening of Jan 23rd is gonna be quite chilly! The low will be 11 C. For those of you more comfortable with fahrenheit that converts to about 51 although for some reason these temps feel colder here than they would back home.


Hot ovaltine and red bathrobe!
That's in part because the cooler nights and days mean there's not much chance for our place to warm up. And the cinderblock construction, tile floors, and leaky windows mean it's often chillier inside than it is out! We've had to pull out the space heater and wear things like sweat pants, turtle necks, fleece, hoodies and even socks!! I'm so glad we bought those chunky terry cloth red bathrobes for Christmas. I've been wearing mine a lot!

Today I even ransacked the cupboards to find that dried out bottle of Ovaltine (bought 2 years ago) to make a big hot steaming cup. Next on the list is go outside and sit in the sun. Then, when I'm warm, come back in to make a big pot of veggie stew, yum :)

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