26 December 2014

Take a walk today...

In the past Boxing Day has occasionally been a day for getting outside. It started when I began spending Christmas with one of my brothers. He liked to take his kids out skating. I have never been a good skater but I did enjoy being out in the chill air because of how much it made going home to a warm living room with a cup of rum filled eggnog so very, very enjoyable!

Inland Sea Dec 2007
In the Arabian Gulf, where I currently live, the weather in December is quite pleasant. It's not too hot so a walk is a definite possibility but, of course, without the chilly air, snow, frosted breath, etc., well, it's not quite the same.

Me with inadequate hoodie

Except one December evening back in 2007. We'd taken some visitors dune bashing out in the desert. This kind of expedition always ends with a desert camp, food, firepit and shisha / hubbly bubbly. Once the sun set for the evening, the 27th of December, it got really chilly! I practically had to sit in the firepit to stay warm!


But there's seasonal outing by the sea I recall. It was the first Christmas I spent in England back in 1990. I was visiting a man I'd fallen madly in love with the previous summer. We had a nice if complicated time together that Christmas. I'll never forget the afternoon we took a walk by the North Sea in Tynemouth.

It was about 3:30 pm and the sun was already setting! But the pounding surf, the glint of sun off the wet sand, and the wind, well, it was magic! And there were a ton of people there all doing the same thing. One of the few memories I hope I never forget.

Hope you get out today and let the wind blow away any Christmas cobwebs!

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