18 December 2014

Christmas Candle

I love me a smelly candle. It's this time of year that started me on the smelly candle kick and this is the candle that started it all.

Fraiser Fir stuff at Thymes.com
You see several years ago I stumbled upon the perfect Christmas candle. It's Frasier Fir by Thymes. And it smells exactly like a good, old fashioned, live, dropping-sap-and-needles-all-over-the-place, Christmas tree!

It's been part of our Christmas for over a decade. We have to ration it out while living over here so it only gets lit on Christmas Eve and day. I've found other Christmas tree / piney smelling candles but NONE of them are as good as Frasier Fir.

I guess it now qualifies as one of our holiday traditions!

This is a not a paid ad...really.

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