04 December 2014

A Christmas Miracle!

He went missing for 3 days and nights. Sadness reigned and Christmas looked cancelled. Then, last night, he returned!

We'd just spent a couple of hours walking around and putting up posters. A good friend had posted it to Facebook earlier in the day. She told me at least 50 people saw it and she'd gotten a tip that he was over in another compound. We did our rounds and discovered a mini version of Bixby but sadly not him. Disappointed and becoming somewhat resigned we arrived back to our place.
Minutes after his return

I made one last call out the back door then got ready for bed. I went back down to the kitchen to get some water and suddenly heard a familiar chirp. Lo and behold there he was on the back wall! A little skittish and incredibly hyper but seemingly none the worse for wear.

It's a Christmas miracle!

Our other cat, Ms Wow, seems less enthusiastic.

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