30 November 2014

Christmas Markets, Germany

No, no, no. I can't go. But maybe you can.
Click here for more info.

Christmas Market at Alexanderplatz, Berlin - Source

29 November 2014

Origami Stars

I try and make some sort of decoration every year. Often they are from salt dough but I've also used twigs, done paper snowflakes but this year I'm doing something I haven't done in years - origami. Here's the tutorial I used on how to make these stars.

My Origami Stars (from magazine pages)
I found the first two time consuming and fiddly. Definitely do NOT try and reuse any paper you've already folded! Start fresh each time cause the folds matter. But once you've done it a couple of times it gets easy. Very zen thing to do especially while watching tv.

Think I'll hang these from the frangiapani tree out front. Although there is a small chance of rain this time of year...

27 November 2014

Vintage Christmas podcasts

If you like old Christmas tunes then you need to click here right now! The podcasts at Music from 100 Years Ago are great listening...especially the Christmas ones.

Just check out the December shows and download yourself some great vintage tunes kinda like this one :)

22 November 2014

Blog renovations

As you may have noticed I've done some tinkering here at Christmascraps. Still have a bit more to do. I've removed a lot of links from the side bar and some of the blogs I had listed in the blog roll. I'm trying to limit the number of commercialized blogs I list but it's difficult (not so with that other favourite holiday of mine).

At the moment I can't seem to decide between a transparent background for the posts or solid black. What do you think?

The solid black background

Get your orders in !

Kitras Glass Ornaments
Tick tock. If you are living far, far, away from family and friends and need to do some online shopping you better do it soon! And so if you find yourself casting around the web for something special then here's a great gift idea. (By the way, this is a personal and not sponsored recommendation.)

Last year I ordered ornaments from Kitras Glass for some family members and they all arrived intact and on time. I just love their stuff! Especially these angels.

You can shop on their US site or Canadian site.

You're welcome!

21 November 2014