01 December 2013

Putting ♩♪ up the ♩♬ 'Chrichmush' Tree ♪♬

Tree done! And complete with demon guard dog.
When I was about eight years old I took on the task of the Christmas decorating. Mom was working and often tired and me? Well, I had the enthusiasm, and energy, of a kid. The only rule was I had to wait until December 1st. And on that day I would race down to the basement and start pulling up boxes. The first to come up was the tree. First you had to remove all the branches from the box sorting as you went. Each tier of the tree was marked with a different colour at the base of the branches' metal tips.

Tree up I would start sorting through the lights. Ah, the lights. The tangled mess that came out of the boxes every year even though we swore we would put them back more neatly. But I was young with small fingers and vast amounts of determination and patience and so they got sorted. That sorting included figuring out what strings needed new bulbs as these were the years when the string didn't work unless ALL the bulbs did. Usually there were enough working bulbs that you could at least make sure every string did actually work before putting it on the tree.

Next came the decorations. Before removing each one carefully from their musty smelling egg like cartons the hooks had to be found and untangled (they were usually in the same state as the lights). Each decoration was prepared and then carefully placed on the tree. At first we would make sure that even the back of the tree got a few and then we'd get tired and just want it finished! Then there was nothing left but to turn on the lights, well, the one string that worked, and take in the sight. Garland and tinsel came later--after the lights were sorted.

Christmas Tree 2013
Well, this is our tree this year - not yet decorated. I gave up on the bougainvillea twig tree idea as you may recall. And while in Carrefour a couple of weeks ago I gave into the temptation of the Christmas aisle and bought a small fake tree. Also--I have to confess--I put it up the same day. But I did hold out on most of the decorating. THAT will get done today.

Cat helps with raising of tree

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