01 December 2013

Panettonne means a Buon Natale!

Love, love, love panettone! I didn't really start eating panettone till we spent our first Christmas here so it became our "Christmas in Doha" tradition. Panettone was not part of my growing up holiday experience and not something I was much aware of back home.  But here in Doha they seemed to be abundant starting in late November / December. Even little individual serving sizes (gained a few pounds that year). So, last year, our the first festive season since the Qatar return, I was looking forward to some yummy, buttery, fruity chunks of panettone (I pour Calvados on mine)...but there was narry a one to be found! So, so, so sad was I :(

Panettone - Yay!!
But not so this year! My husband spotted some in Carrefour the other day and snagged  a big one for me, I mean, us. This is a quick snap of it before I tore into it.

And because I, whoops, we have already started in on it I just had to buy another one ;)

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