20 December 2013

All I want for Christmas is a HIVE HOUSE!

We don't own a house. And we still pay taxes even tho we live overseas. Part of why we live overseas is so one day we can buy a house. I've spent the last year watching all these UK based shows on how to build your own and I gotta say I really want to do it. Nothing as big as in those Grand Design shows but something smaller and more funky like in Amazing Spaces. In fact, it was on an episode of that show that I saw the Hive House.

Since it's built in the UK I imagine it wouldn't do too badly in Newfoundland's climate. Additional insulation and a few changes to plumping and wiring to bring it in line with Canadian building codes might be all that's needed.

Come on, Santa! One module a year for the next 5 would get us a decent space to live in.

Read more about the Hive House.  

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