08 December 2013


Yeah, you may have noticed the lack of effort in the posts the last few days? It's because I've been suffering with the cold/flu Doha thing. It starts with a slight tickle in your throat or sinuses and the next thing you know you feel like crap and you are so congested you can't see straight. If you are lucky you will be well in a week if you are not lucky it will develop into a sinus or respiratory infection. That takes longer to recover from and you will almost assuredly be prescribed antibiotics. Respiratory infections are like the common cold here. Well, at least it's not MERS!

So to pass the time between sneezes and nose blowing I've been sitting on the couch sewing a few Christmas crafty things and rewatching the first 3 seasons of Treme. The 4th and final season started last week and I want to immerse myself in the story again before I watch the final 5 episodes. 

I surely will miss these glimpses of New Orleans, its people and, of course, the music. It's a city that's pretty much at the top of my Places to see before I die list. 

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