19 November 2013

The weather outside is frightful....?

So many you out there reading this blog (according to the stats anyway) are living in places where the weather is turning colder and snow flakes have started drifting past your windows...or soon will be. And that's often part of what makes this time of year feel festive, right? "The ♪ weather outside ♫ is frightful but ♫ inside it's so delightful..."

Now, here in Doha the weather turns as well. But here it goes from the incredibly, hot, sometimes humid, heat that requires huddling inside air-conditioned interiors to much more reasonable temperatures that make you want to actually go outside. And sometimes there may be some rain. I remember several years ago the day, I believe it was in November, when it rained off and on ALL day. It was quite exciting! Well, two days ago we had a similar kind of day. Overcast all day with occasional heavy downpours, which, by the way, can make driving on dust-turned-to-silt roads quite tricky. Also causes a lot of short circuits...like the one to the pump that supplies our place with water.

What I didn't realize until today was how extreme the weather got. This is footage of a waterspout just off Qatar's shores near Ras Laffin. Look!!

There was other extreme weather in Saudi where heavy rains caused flooding and a tower was hit by lightning...read more here.

So, even in this region, at this time of year, the weather can indeed be frightful!

And today's forecast is calling for more rain...BBC Weather.

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