24 November 2013

Never gift tease a younger sibling

So, it's a month before the big day and I've got some advice for those big brothers and sisters out there who might be planning something wicked for their younger siblings. Don't do it. I'm telling you now you WILL regret it. I will use this cautionary tale as an example of what I mean.

You see, when I was about seven years old my brother, who was 16, pointed out a present under the tree that was meant for me. From him. It was large (very exciting) but was very light in weight. I couldn't wait to open it! But I was a good girl and waited till Christmas Day...when I was told that it had to be the last gift I opened. I was so excited! What could it be?

I tore through my other few gifts till I could get to THE one. I couldn't keep still with the thrill of it all! I began to unwrap it. Under the Christmas wrap was more paper, but it wasn't Christmas wrap...just plain white tissue paper. Under that layer I found a slightly smaller package. Ooooh, a mystery! And so I began to unwrap that one.

Well, probably about 10 minutes, and several smaller packages, later I was down to the last small box. I tore it open almost missing what was inside. It was one single lite brite peg (don't remember the colour). Now, I'd been wanting a Lite Brite and so I was very excited if somewhat confused. Where was the rest of it? In another box? Down in the kitchen, perhaps? Or up in my room?

Nope. My brother explained to me that he hadn't saved quite enough money to buy me the whole thing so I would have to wait till next year.

The disappointment was keen, I gotta say. Now, I know I did eventually get a Lite Brite because I remember playing with it. I even remember it underneath our Christmas tree one year (I had used one of the blank black sheets to write "Merry Xmas") but when I got it or how or even who gave it to me I don't recall. I only remember that moment when I fought hard to hold back the tears because I was CRUSHED! (And, to a lesser extent, I didn't want my brother to feel bad.)

So, if you, or anyone you know, is thinking about playing a little mind game like this on a younger sibling, I'm here to say -- DON'T!
Silent Night...

Because if you do, well, not only will you get to the top of Santa's Naughty List, you'll ALSO make him angry.

And you don't want to see Santa get angry.

You wouldn't like him...when he's angry.

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