21 November 2013

Lighting the Serpent - Solstice fun

Serpent Mound
About a month till Winter Solstice, sigh. Like many of you, I also like to celebrate the Winter Solstice. Back home I usually invite people over for dinner on the 21st to celebrate Solstice rather than on Christmas Eve or Day. So, I won't deny that there's a little bit of the pagan in me and that this is the time of year I feel it most.

Of course, my current location means we don't really get the long winter nights (or the winter weather) that I'd be 'enjoying' back in Newfoundland. Here, at this time of year, the sun rises around 6 am and sets around 5 pm. So we do get a few additional night time hours, compared to summer, but I highly doubt there will be any Solstice celebrations.

If YOU live somewhere where there are some then YOU could go to one for me! And light a candle or dance a jig or whatever your inner pagan desires.

My choice, if wishes were fishes, would be Lighting the Serpent - A Winter Solstice Celebration.

Here's a bit of Nordic Stomp for your musical enjoyment while you ponder the possibilities of attending a Solstice event...

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