11 November 2013

Jingle Bell Rocks - A Documentary

This looks really interesting!

Jingle Bell Rocks Trailer HD from EyeSteelFilm on Vimeo.


jingle bell rocks! doc said...

Ho Ho Howdy Christmas Scraps !

My name is Mitchell Kezin and I am the producer/Director of the documentary, Jingle Bell Rocks!

I was doing some searching for Charlie Panigoniak Inuktitut Xmas Tunes and came across your blog.

Many THX for posting about my movie. That is very kind of you. I have been searching for Charlie's Full LP "Panigoniak, Charlie - Inuktitut Christmas & Gospel Songs" for EVER !...but have had no luck, By chance do you own a copy you might share with me, in exchange for a copy of my documentary ??? I can be reached at Thanks for your consideration. And keep on believin' !
In Yule,

P.E. Cor said...

Hey Mitchell,

I sent you a reply addressed to the info doc address (I couldn't see an email in the reply above). Let me know how things go!