27 November 2013

Bougainvillea Twig Wreath and Tree

Backyard Bougainvillea Wreath
Yep, more bougainvillea 'crafts.' I've never done this kind of thing before but have long been interested in basket weaving. Really wanted to learn how to work with willow but not having any at hand I figured I'd use what I did have. It was definitely a learning experience. The lesson learned? Bougainvillea is a mother$%#@*! to work with!!

The wreath is made from some of the longest offshoots I pruned. I collected them and one by one wound them round together into a wreath shape -- while they were still supple. Then after a few days of drying out I added a bit of festive garland. The Christmas tree in the centre is made from more bougainvillea. I took some of the straighter lengths and dethorned them, then cut them into twigs of various lengths. I then glued them onto a centre twig. And after a couple of days drying time I painted it. Put the two together and hung them out in the backyard. Very festive!

I also did another one of the little trees with a few more paint touches (metallic) and some little coloured bells, for hanging inside.

Little twig tree #2

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