13 November 2013

Airport - Not your usual holiday flick

I know, I know. You're thinking..."Airport?! Seriously? A Christmas movie?" Yep. It's the snow. Yes, the story is set during the Christmas season (all those travellers) and includes plenty of drama, romance with a sprinkling of comedy but what really makes this a Christmas movie for me is that snow storm! Makes me feel chilly even here in the desert.

And keep in mind that this Airport movie (based on the novel by Arthur Hailey) is the original from 1970. Not any of those hack repeat follow-ups or comedy spoofs. This one is the real deal. And it's got everything! Extreme weather, drama, romance, comedy AND a cast of thousands (you'll be amazed at who you might recognize). My favourite male character is cigar chompin' Patroni as played by the hunky George Kennedy. Yeah, I know some of you out there might be more into Burt Lancaster or Dean Martin but it's George that does it for me, sigh.

Of course, there's also the beautiful Jacqueline Bisset (Stewardess Gwen) and Jean Seberg as the very capable Tanya Livingston but who REALLY makes this movie for me is the amazing Helen Hayes. I. love. her. I want to be clever Ada Quonset when I get old (AND a Snoop Sister). The only slightly sour note in this otherwise great 2 hour get-away is Maureen Stapleton. As the wife of our would be bomber I think that, later in the film, she takes the dramatic acting just a tad too far. But then again, this has been described as a melodrama.

Oh yeah, the other star of this movie is the music. The main theme always sends a shiver of excitement through me. It was the composer's (Alfred Newman) last score.

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