13 January 2012

Festive Finale

So, I've moved back to my regular blog but wanted to make this final post here (till next year). While I am heading back to the Persian Gulf, and a very different climate, many of you will be remaining behind in the cold Canadian winter. But there`s no need to get depressed you can still take part in some of the upcoming Winter Festivals around this big frigid country of ours!

There's Carnaval de Quebec which, unfortunately, I never made it to while living just a few short hours away in Montreal. I think my brother must have gone at some point because he had one of those scarves that Bonhomme wears which I coveted greatly!

Speaking of voyageurs there's also the Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, which I did get to attend while living in that city. I remember a big deal being made about the beard growing contest but mostly I remember sled dog races on the frozen Red River and hanging out at the Forks then sliding around the river ice path and marvelling that there were haystacks to sit on around big blazing fires (on a river)! I don't seem to remember feeling the cold there as much as I do here in Newfoundland. Must be true what they say about a 'dry cold.'

For more on Winter festivals in Canada watch this Canada AM report.

03 January 2012

Climate Change and Reindeers

Rain On Snow from aceandace on Vimeo.
Environmental Atlas story from Sweden about a special weather condition called Rain-on-snow, which causes great grief amongst sami reindeer herders. The thawing-freezing of their food, the lichen, is literally killing thousands of reindeer whose stomachs are not used to dealing with this new type of weather. A result of climate change?

The Environmental Atlas of Europe is a UNEP-EEA-ESA joint project showcasing communities responding to environmental change across Europe. The films present a series of these inspirational stories about how people are responding to climate change and in so doing, transforming their lives for a more sustainable future.

01 January 2012

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - Scala Choir

So, right about now you might be getting just a tad tired of Christmas themed music. You may also be thinking about a New Year's resolution. Even if you pooh pooh the idea...which I do. Doesn't stop me from thinking about what resolution I might try though. So here's something a little different musically but also carries with it a message re: New Year's Resolutions.