16 December 2011

A Paul Reid Christmas

Ok, this one is so full of schmaltzy nostalgia and vintage goodness it may illicit a tear or two....and maybe some derisive laughter. I won't judge whatever your reaction.

The cover I remember - go to GoodReads
If you grew up in Montreal in the 50s / 60s then you'll probably remember Paul Reid's Christmas Special. For me it is a throw back to a time when I was a tousled haired tot and the adults around me smoked cigarettes, drank cocktails, and reminisced about their childhood often mentioning things like 'the Depression' and 'the war.'

My father, with his trusty reel-to-reel, recorded one of these CJAD broadcasts and one of my earliest Christmas memories is of being set up down in the den, in my pjs, cuddled into a blanket on the sliding rocker (next to the reel-to-reel) and with the lights sparkling on the aluminum tree I listened with rapt attention to Paul Reid tell the story of The Littlest Angel.

CJAD will be broadcasting this special again several times this holiday season beginning today. So try and catch one of the broadcasts or listen to this sample:

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