04 December 2011

The CP Holiday Train

Well, it's been many years since I lived in a part of the country with a train service...or train. Newfoundland tore up its tracks years ago...shame, really. But if you live on the mainland of Canada and you've done any amount of travelling, chances are you've been on a train.

I once lived close enough to train tracks to hear the whistle in the distance and, on quiet nights, be lulled to sleep by that distinct sound the train makes on the tracks...chu, chuing, chu, chuing (ok, I don't really know how to spell that sound). And although I've never seen it myself I have heard of CP's Holiday Train, the annual train that's decked out in Christmas decorations and lights that travels through Canada and the US picking up food bank donations as it goes. Check out their blog or the schedule to see where it will be next!

Interesting Christmas wrap...haa! Get it! I made a funny! Cause rap starts with an r but it's Christmas and we're all crazily wrapping gifts....

Ok, I may be getting just a wee bit out of control here.

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