08 November 2011

Pining for the Scent of Douglas Fir

I've been revisiting the town of Twin Peaks over the last month (a friend lent me their Gold Box DVD set) and gotta say, even tho I haven't seen it since the original broadcast back in 90/91 I was blown away. Oh sure, Season 2 gets a little bogged down and muddy, but still, what a trip!

And as I was already travelling down memory lane it's not surprising I got to reminiscing about my days in Calgary and my times in Banff. Sigh. I used to love to hike around Vermillion Lakes and the Lower Hot Springs. One of the favourite hikes was from Moraine Lake up to Larch Valley but I have fond memories of the hike from Lake Louise to the tea house too. Sigh.

Me and family near the Tea House at Lake Louise - c. 1972
Of course, with Christmas on the horizon and my mind full of hikes through pine scented mountain woods what's a girl to do? I'll tell you...I've lit my Thymes Frasier Fir candle (smells like a Christmas tree...really!!) and am cutting myself a piece of cherry pie, pouring myself a hot cup of joe, and settling in to watch the final two episodes of Twin Peaks.

"Thru the darkness of Future Past / the magician longs to see
one chants out between two worlds / Fire - walk with me."

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Herr Punkinstein said...

That's a nice plan. I'm currently 21 miles from the Mexican border, listening to cowboy music and eating bad food. I remember Twin Peaks a bit. I seem to remember liking it. Weird, but then that was part of the charm.
Ah yes, douglas fir. A good scent indeed. Your post and the picture make me want to strike out to the Appalachians for a hike and some cider.