24 November 2011

And what to my wondering eyes did appear...

Lots of snow, slob ice, and me with no snow tires!!

Yep, this is what I woke up to this morning. You can't really tell in this shot but it's still snowing and will continue till around noon. I'm really hoping we get that thaw tomorrow so I can get the car up to the tire place.

First substantial snowfall - Nov 24, St. John's, NL


Herr Punkinstein said...

Wow. We had a balmy low 60s here in Virginia.

pcoristi said...

That's right...rub it in. HA!

But I did get the snow tires on (whew!) and although we got another few centimeters last night we're supposed to get much warmer temperatures tomorrow...but I won't hold my breath.