07 December 2010

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Many years ago, I bought myself a copy of Robertson Davies' High Spirits.  This is a collection of Ghost Stories as told annually by Mr. Davies himself while in his role as Master of Massey College at the University of Toronto.

I'd only been vaguely aware that there was a tradition of ghost story telling during the holiday season. Obviously, there are the ghosts of Dicken's Christmas Carol, and then there's that thing called the 'Christmas spirit,' but it was't until reading the forward to this book that I realized, hey, this could be another Halloween!

Ok, maybe not quite, but it makes sense. I mean in my part of the world this is the month when the nights are longest. And what better way to pass the time during a long chilly evening than to huddle around a fire and tell a ghost story or two.

Just think about it...ok?

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