18 November 2019

Colours of the Season

Ok, so I do other things besides drink beer...here's a little video that proves I actually get outside :)

16 November 2019

Craft Fair

We 2nd year textile students got to participate in the provincial Craft Council's Christmas Craft Fair recently. We had a booth to showcase our works and we sold reusuable bags (100% cotton).

The bags were part of a production exercise we did last year. Some of the current print and dye students silk screened them with three different designs...the most popular was the pine tree design. We sold a total of 44 bags the proceeds of which go to our final show in the summer :)

14 November 2019

Sweater Weather

Port Rexton has beer in cans now!! And they have a shop just outside town where I can get it and where I can fill up my growler. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! And, well, feeling just a teeny bit squiffy at this point...been a long week. Sweater Weather is on the strong side but also lovely. And so appropriate for today as we went from 16C yesterday to 1C today. So, yes, I am wearing a good layer of wool.

27 October 2019

All lit up!

Ok, if I haven't mentioned it before, I like beer. And the micro breweries that abound in this province now mean there should be some fine brews coming up. I hope.

But today, today there was no beer to be had in the fridge. Except one.

One that I bought last year and then had second thoughts about. Wasn't sure about the spices and demerrera sugar. A little too plum pudding?

But today, parched and just in need of that little buzz of a brew, I cracked her open!

Before I show you it I'm gonna show you the reason I needed it.

Tablet or card weaving

This is a project I'm doing for a not Christmas show at the local craft council. No stereotypical Chrismas stuff allowed. Well, more about that later. Suffice to say the 5 hours of set up time this took me yesterday was more than enough to earn me the right to drink this tonight!

I'm on the last few sips (not too pudding like at ALL) and feel right relaxed now :)